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99% Of Success Is Showing Up – Make Sure YOUR Sites Keep Showing Up!

Regardless of whether or not you feel you need this offer, I’m going to share information on this page that’s CRITICAL for you to know.

No “fake” pain points or “how I’m like you” hogwash … Just industry facts that most website owners are simply unaware of.


And it’s costing them thousands. Did you know …

  • Over 30 THOUSAND websites are hacked DAILY
  • Over 73% of CURRENT WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers
  • Getting hacked can not only compromise YOUR data & profits, but also that of your entire subscriber base – and if that happens, you can face legal AND financial charges




It’s a pretty grim picture, but it’s the reality.

See, I’ve been a niche marketer and WordPress user for OVER 12 years. I run hundreds of profitable websites, and have seen first hand the pain and suffering of having a money site hacked.

On average, it takes a webmaster 152 days to even realize his or her site has been hacked.


In ALL that time, the site owner can be losing traffic, compromising their subscriber base, and unknowingly presenting FRAUDULENT offers to visitors.

And potentially be facing CRIMINAL charges, fines and court time – in addition to a MASSIVE loss of business and being PERMANENTLY blacklisted by the search engines.


Since releasing the original version of this software, none of our OVER 2500 users have had a SINGLE site hacked. And now we’ve updated it to make it easier to use, faster to setup, and to better protect YOUR assets against the most current attacks happening right now. Even tighter server security, kick-out policy, file monitoring, spam blocking, reputation checking, security audits and more – just SOME of the updates in this version.

“It Can’t Happen To Me – I Just Have A Simple Blog Without Much Traffic Or Income”

Sadly, wrong. To hackers, EVERY site is a potential cash resource. Skilled hackers can:

  • Replace YOUR affiliate links with their own
  • Steal your traffic
  • Set up a “back door” to jack your site when it becomes more popular
  • Insert hidden landing pages to redirect your users
  • Compromise your ENTIRE subscriber list
  • Harvest your valuable digital content and share with blackhat and torrent sites


Imagine, you’ve spent months developing an amazing website. Researched your niche, created unique content. Invested time or hard-earned dollars on SEO, link building and traffic.

Finally your site is getting regular visitors AND income, then one day you wake up and it’s … all … gone.

Your site’s been hacked, and all that hard work has gone up in smoke.

It could take you DAYS to restore your site.

Your hosting account has been suspended or banned.

You’ve been BLACKLISTED by the search engines.

And every day your business is bleeding profits


Relax, knowing that your money sites, digital products and subscriber lists are completely secure. Continue to build your business knowing that your traffic ISN’T being compromised. All WITHOUT costly plugins or EXPENSIVE monthly fees paid to security specialists.


My main goal with Blog Defender was to create a SIMPLE website security solution. That DOESN’T need constant attention. And is AFFORDABLE, while providing as good or BETTER protection than any other premium product or paid service offered anywhere.

Blog Defender will lock down your money sites so you’ll never have to worry again.

And with this update, we’ve included complete developer rights.

Meaning? You can now install and implement the SAME security features on unlimited client sites.

Charge WHATEVER you wish – from a simple one-time setup fee to an ongoing maintenance charge, the choice is yours.

With the stats you’ve seen, you ALREADY know website owners are concerned about site security.

This is an ESSENTIAL service that business owners desperately need. Now YOU can be the one to provide that service to them.

All included. No need to upgrade or pay for a special license. Your access today literally gives you the keys to charge clients and make an ongoing, passive income.


Security Specialists Regularly Charge $500 Per Month Or More, Per Client, For Much Less

Consider how VALUABLE this service will be to your clients. 100% peace of mind for them, and hundreds of dollars (or more), recurring, straight to your PayPal each and every month.

Remember – this is NOT an upgrade – it’s INCLUDED with your access today.

How Does Blog Defender Lock Down My Websites?

We’ve left absolutely nothing to chance. The software STARTS with the 4 most vulnerable points of attack for any WP site:

  • Protects against hosting and PC malware
  • Protects against hackers trying to compromise themes
  • Protects against password & direct attacks
  • Protects against plugin vulnerability


That’s Just For Starters – Blog Defender Goes Many Steps Further:


  • Hides your WP version, stopping most hackers in their tracks
  • Turns off username broadcasting, cutting a hacker’s chance to attack your site in half
  • Disables directory indexing, so hackers can’t access your uploaded files to launch an attack
  • Masks theme exposure and plugin signatures – shutting down most potential exploits


Blog Defender Is Like Having A TRIPLE Kryptonite Lock On Your Best Bike

The bottom line is this. Most hackers – like bike thieves – are lazy. They’ll try for “easy” wins. When they come across your site and see the security in place, most will move on instantly.

Those that go a step further will be blocked at every turn. And soon realize it’s not in their best interest to continue. Then they’ll move to another, more vulnerable website.

You Don’t Even Need To Know HOW It Works, It Just DOES!

When I got started, I had no idea of all the ways hackers could attack. Learned by painful experience.

That’s why I developed this package. To protect site owners from experiencing the same hassles I did back in the day. And this completely updated version represents the most cutting edge, MODERN tactics to protect YOUR digital assets from attack.

The LONG TERM Damage To Your Online Reputation Can Be Devastating

Short term loss of profits from having a site hacked is really just the start of the story. Having your entire subscriber base compromised – often sold and presented with fraudulent offers – is where things get really scary.

Add in the fact that any or all of your PAID products can start popping up on free sharing sites, and it’s easy to realize that being hacked is a serious risk to any online business.

And if you think your hosting company, basic security plugins and even paid services will protect your site, think again. In my years of experience, none of these have done anything to secure my websites.



Set & Forget WordPress Security In Minutes

Blog Defender is the most advanced, all-in-one WP site security system available today. It protects against ALL kinds of hackers, bots and data miners.

And is now faster & easier to have up and running than ever before. Secure your sites AND client sites in a matter of minutes.

Step By Step Video Training To Lock Down ANY WP Sites

6 no-fluff, to the point videos walk you thru the process of securing your sites and those of your clients.


Video Module 1 – Preparation

  • Hosting, Local Security & Installing Plugins

Video Module 2 – Backup WordPress

  • Choose backup locations, run 1st backup, schedule future backups

Video Module 3 – Security Plugin Setup

  • Initial setup, whitelist IP, global settings, system tweaks

Video Module 4 – Scan WP for Malware

  • Scan with Wordfence, get your Virus Total API Key, cleaning infected files
  • Schedule scanning, file change detection

Video Module 5 – Hide WordPress

  • Hide login area, change admin user, change content directory
  • Change database prefix, WordPress tweaks

Video Module 6 – Defend WP With A Firewall

  • 404 detection, banned users, user logging
  • Brute force protection, automatically ban admin users

This ENTIRE SECURITY package is included and completed with a WP Security PDF as a handy extra resource.

Your Business DESERVES To Be Protected

Funny how we’ll lock up something that costs money, but not take the same care with assets that actually PAY us.

Not many would leave their car unlocked in a busy downtown parking lot. But leaving a money site completely unprotected?

That’s like leaving bags of money in the open trunk of an unlocked car in the busiest parking lot on the planet!

What Do You Have To Lose? If You Do Nothing, Plenty:

  • ALL profits and leads while your site is out of commission
  • The TIME and financial costs spent in recovering your sites
  • Search engine traffic, and potentially ANY traffic your site is receiving right now – remember, it takes 152 days on average for a webmaster to even realize his or her site has been hacked
  • Your affiliate links and commissions
  • Your ENTIRE subscriber base and subsequent email marketing profits
  • Your hosting account
  • Your online reputation
  • Your premium products
  • Your peace of mind


All while FURTHER risking potential criminal charges, fines and court time.


Or, RELAX Knowing Your Sites Are Secured With Blog Defender

Focus on building your business and profits. Knowing your sites are protected and the plugins are working 24/7 to keep you safe from attack.

Add a NEW income stream by selling site security as a service with the INCLUDED developer rights license

26 Million Out Of 36 Million Self-Hosted WP Sites Run Little Or NO Security

These sites are easy targets. Don’t be one of them. Protect yourself AND your financial future by securing your Blog Defender license today.

Sounds Great Matt, But Will Blog Defender Work For Me?

It most certainly will – in fact, I guarantee it.


The Blog Defender 100% Unconditional, Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee