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Covert Commissions Pro

You will only be billed 19.97 per month and you can
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You now have your hands on one of the most powerful affiliate marketing systems ever created and it will make you a ton of auto pilot commissions after you start sending traffic to your mission squeeze pages

Even better… We do all the work for you, including sending follow up emails to all your leads forever, ALWAYS using your affiliate links.

But as I said we wanted to reward action takers like you, so we have a created an upgrade that blows everything else out of the water…

Now you can get every single lead you generate in the system automatically added to your own auto responder of choice.

In true Covert Commissions style, this is super simple to configure…

For this example I’m going to use GetResponse, but this is just as easy and equally powerful with Aweber.

You just enter your API key in your profile (GetResponse and Aweber gives you this and we’ll show you exactly where to find it)

Now you can go into all your active missions and select which list you want the leads, you generate with that mission, subscribed to.

You can set this for all your missions and have each one build a separate list, or you could collect all your leads on one list – the choice is yours!

We’re going to mail all your leads using your affiliate links, generating auto pilot commissions for you.

With this powerful feature you’ll get ALL the leads on your own list(s) too

That means you can mail all your leads as often as you like, promoting whatever you want to them.

In other words you get to promote to your leads at least twice as often as regular members do and of course this will instantly double your potential profits, because…

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You already have 5 credits you can use in the Covert Commissions market place to activate 5 profit pulling systems of your choice.

With your pro membership we’re going to add two extra credits into your account, every single month, like clockwork!

You can use these credits to activate any missions you like, or even save them up for later.

We’re going to reveal exactly how you can get your hands on this upgrade for much less than you think.

Obviously we could charge big bucks for an upgrade like this.

Especially considering that withget two new missions per month and the ability to have each mission build your own personal list.

Over time you can literally set up hundreds of profitable affiliate marketing funnels…

This is a complete and ready to go “Business-In-A-Box”.

Activate your Covert Commissions missions, plug in your own auto responder and you can potentially jam your bank account with so much cash that your friends will suspect you’ve just robbed a bank. What they don’t know is that you did… but legally.

If there is a lazy man’s way to riches, then the Covert Commissions Pro upgradd is your first class ticket!

Building your own lists is a heck of a lot work, and it can take an eternity. Are you really interested in spending your life on a wild goose chase?

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Covert Commissions Pro

You will only be billed 19.97 per month and you can


cancel your pro membership subscription at any time