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Here are some results of
our websites using AIO+ Plugin

Dear WordPress Users,

The time has come to stop feeling like you’re sitting behind the controls of a 747 aircraft just to set up a simple blog.

You’re ready for take-off…but instead you’re stranded on the runway waiting to thrust your sites onward and upward…

Just like a jet…you want to lift-off the runway instantly launching sites that soar into a profitable sunset…

BUT you need a way to fly without all the technical hassles
that STOP you from getting off the ground.

Sound familiar?

Well, if you’ve ever set up a WordPress site,
you would immediately identify with this
common scenario…

And, if you’ve haven’t set up WP yet…

No worries, just stick with us here because we’re going to wipe light-years off your learning curve AND bring success light-years faster to you at the same time!

Here’s how…

WordPress is the hands-down
top blogsite builder  –  agreed!

But what appears to look easy many times turns into
hours and days of frustration…

The one huge problem everyone runs into when
firing-up WordPress is this…

Scattered erroneous posts and pages everywhere
with no rhyme or reason. On top of that loads of
stuffed bloatware you don’t even need in the
first instance!

It’s like getting a new house but someone left the old
furniture there for you to get rid of.

You didn’t ask for all that stuff… but it just comes along with WordPress.
So, what you have is this confusing mess on your hands that’s
super complex to fix just to get started…

This is what causes too many
delayed sites that never seem
to find their way into SEO
and frankly –  it plain sucks!

All of This Equals…

Lost Time

Going Back To The Drawing Board Over & Over

Potential Hired Coder Costs That Mount Up

Zero Profits

 In other words it’s a complete loss…

But luckily for you, you’re at this page where we’re going to show you how to solve this problem once and for all!

Whether you’re new to WordPress or a pro… it doesn’t matter.

No one should have to sit there and manually fiddle with the trial and error of ineffective WP set up protocols like…

And All The Other Set Up Parameters
That Should Be Preset & Ready To Go…

It’s like a massive calibration exercise every time you set up a simple blog BUT it shouldn’t be like that…

The truth is, a brand new WP site should be lean and mean AND ready for marketing right out of the gate!

But here is the thing, building a site that actually makes money is an art really. When we started doing SEO, it was often a “hit and a miss”, sometimes our sites would rank and sometimes they won’t.

So we kept split testing, we kept trying different configurations and with the passage of time, we finally discovered that Google only loves (and ranks) a site that is made and is structured in a certain way.

Once we knew about this certain way, we were able to rank regardless of how competitive our keyword was, resulting in daily affiliate commissions from every single one of our sites.

After doing SEO for nearly 5 years, and raking in almost a million dollars in affiliate commissions…  

…We think we know a thing or two about SEO and it’s this experience that allowed us to IDENTIFY the key problems users keep running into with WordPress and setting up a money blog…

… and that’s what made us to come up with this single plugin-solution that removes all the downtime and simplifies all the major tasks that would require lots of manual work…the best part, it all happens in just seconds!

PLUS we’ve added sophisticated and proven Guru-Hacks that clearly separate AIO from the pack…!

This tool defies any plugin you’ve seen as you will soon witness how our built-in Guru-Hack modules can easily skyrocket your blog’s income…almost at the speed of light!

Everything is fresh-coded with new software intelligence under-the-hood. But you control it from a simple dashboard while layers of guru-hacks underneath do all the hard processing for you!




WordPress never made things so easy… BUT AIO DOES!

This plugin blazes and is equal to having a full team of gurus working for you right at your fingertips!…

So here’s what we came up with…A New Superior WordPress Plugin that…

Comes With Easy Guru Hacks Able To Convert Almost Every other Visitor Instantly!

PLUS Deletes All The Useless Posts, Plugins And Pages That Holdup Your Site And so much more…


A Simple 123 Point, Click & Deploy Plugin Loaded With Powerful Guru-Hacks That Sets Up WordPress The Right Way and In Seconds!

With our brand new All IN ONE plugin…what was once a blog set up nightmare…is now history!

POOF – Gone!…

There’s absolutely no reason to set up WP blogs up the old way…ever again!

Because we just streamlined the whole process and have solved this problem for you…once and for all.

There’re only 5 steps to set up a blog AND it happens fast!


…Here Is How AIO Will Make
Sure You Always Lay A CORRECT
For Your Blogs.

2 Step 1 – Clean

Delete all the junk pages and get rid of every bloatware that comes with a WordPress installation with a single click.

2 Step 2 – Set

Set up title and title tags for your brand new site and set up a recommended permalink structure that looks aesthetically pleasant and gets higher click thru rates when indexed in search engines.

2 Step 3 – Install

Let AIO do its magic and install all the essential and most recommended plugins from variety of categories like Traffic, Analytics, Speed and Security with a single click.

2 Step 4 – Create

Create legal pages like Privacy and Terms of Service pages along with backbone pages like About Me and Contact Us pages with a single click.

2 Step 5 – Maintain

Don’t want to login to your site to update the plugins and themes manually then turn Maintain on and AIO will take care of maintaining your site’s plugins and themes whenever there is an update available, all on complete autopilot.

Can you see how easy AIO makes everything?


…because that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Let’s seriously talk about how AIO+ can quickly turn your blogs & sites into a serious money-making machine…

2 Link Vault

The name says it all because these are specially created links you can use to bring fat commission checks into your account once your links are safely cloaked with, LINKVAULT!

You won’t need those funny looking long-trailing gibberish links that scare customers and Google away or even WP Pretty Links anymore…

Because LINKVAULT creates stealth links that are natural and Google allows them WITHOUT penalizing or disqualifying your pages.

There’s never any reason to disavowal these links because when you use LINKVAULT…
it’s like allowing yourself to make money, free and clearAND without the fear of link hijackers!

Now that’s not all…There’s even more to our
All In One WP plugin you’ll want
to know about…Check this out…

2 GEO Booster

Our GEO BOOSTER allows you to easily apply local Shortcodes to any posts or pages. If you want to see your conversions shoot through the roof, just apply the codes and…

…watch the magic happen.

This built in geo-targeted GEO Booster adds single-click short codes to add anywhere inside your content to help you get further close with your readers increasing your conversions tremendously.

Plus you can incorporate CTA Maker with GEO Booster to create special incentivised discounts according to your visitor’s origin of Country, State or City, doubling and even quadrupling your conversions in the process.

Seriously, this tactic is so proven that
this one feature alone
can get you
into the money real fast!…

2 CTA Maker

It can’t be stressed enough… Call To Actions on web pages are the real money makers.

Simply put… it’s where the money is made on any site. You can call it the MONEY HOT SPOT if you want but just know this…  Without killer CTAs , your sales are dead in the water.

Just imagine if they connected a light bulb to each CTA button on every webpage on the internet and triggered it when people buy… It would light up every major city in the world and then some, it’s so powerful!…

That’s how important CTAs are and with All IN ONE you get an array of high-converting Call To Actions that are proven winners you can easily add to YOUR sites fast!

You won’t have to take time pondering over which CTAs people respond to bring in email optins or money clicks…

Just use the killer CTAs built into CTA MAKER that fit your offers AND get ready to make more conversions using the proven CTAs we put at your fingertips!

Your access gives you tons of colors to select from (along with full customisation) that can be perfectly matched to any products you’re selling.

Are you beginning to see why we call this the ALL IN ONE WP Plugin? 

That’s because you won’t need to install or buy any other plugin anymore once you have access to this sophisticated plugin that does everything for you saving you loads of time while putting you on the fast track to make money from your sites.

Watch The Complete Demo Below

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More Than Anything Else, AIO Could Be
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Of The Niche or Market You Are Into!



This is the sheer beauty of ALL IN ONE
which this leaves you with 2 roads to travel…

One road will keep you tied up in tedious tasks of laborious labor just to get a single blog up and running…

Days and weeks could go by and still only a site to show for it, if that…

Then when you think you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll have to recall everything you learned to make it happen again only to find yourself at square one.

That said, the smarter road traveled is the one smart marketers take. They use intelligent software to do all the hard work…

Then they’re freed-up to do what marketers do best AND that’s market and make MORE money!

The smart road is the one choice that will take you where you want to go in your marketing!